Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy... Monday!

First I wanted to update you on the new HEAL group. Our first meeting was this last Saturday. It was an awesome time. The girls were a blessing to have. I am very excited (as I always am) for these girls. Pray for them as the Spriti leads you. Thanks.

Last night I attended a Valentine's Day dinner. It was so much fun. Great food, fun games, lots of laughter and a hilarious movie to end the night. But one activity that we did together before dinner was my favorite part. At the dining table, each chair had a heart shaped balloon tied to it. Written on each balloon was a single verse (just the reference), each balloon was different. Before tearing our plate of yummy food apart we each looked up our verse, wrote it down on an index car and then one by one read the verse for all to hear. My verse was Psalm 89:28.

I will love him and be kind to him forever; my covenant with him will never end.

I personalize scriptures ALL the time:
"I will love Raquel and be kind to Raquel forever; my covenant with her will never end."
Now you try it: "I will love _____ and be kind to _____ forever; my with _____ will never end."

I adore how personal God is.
He will love you forever.
He will be kind to you forever.
His covenant (bond, agreement, promise, vow) with you will never end.

I know what this spoke to me. I pray that God may meet you where you are at with this verse.
God bless YOU!

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