Thursday, February 10, 2011

Heavenly Perfection: Why our Desire for Perfect is Okay

We are girls who long for perfect.

The perfect look.
The perfect body.
The perfect life.
Perfect love.

In my own strivings and temptations to create a pretty little life, I am discovering that our craving for perfect is God-given; that our yearning for perfection is not bad - it's [gasp] perfectly okay.

I believe our insatiable hunger for perfect exists because God has set eternity in our hearts. Our weary souls ache for a place even more lovely and beautiful that our eyes have seen. A place where our hearts are whole and fully alive and will never be broken; a place free from the pains and pressures of our earthly life.

Our innate longing for perfect is why we're helplessly enamored by magazine images, spend hours on fashion and design blogs, and shop for pretty stuff we want and don't need.

We fail to acknowledge that our pursuit for worldly perfection flows from a sanctified spiritual hunger that will never be satisfied by all the beauty, clothes, guys and fine accessories our hearts could desire.

Our collective pursuit of worldly perfection has come with a costly price. Too many of us are living shallow, fruitless, inward-focused lives while the world around us cries out for our authentic beauty.

We are made for so much more.

True perfection awaits in our heavenly home, but how do you think we can keep from getting caught up in finding it here?

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The2sams said...

What a beautiful way of putting it. Perfect is such an interesting word. You really made me look at it differently. Thank you.

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