Friday, February 4, 2011

Lyrical Friday - Cannons

Hi Friends.
After praying this morning for a Lyrical Friday song, this song began to play in my mind. So much so, that I have not been able to sing any other. God definitely wants you to listen to the lyrics, meditate on them and worship Him. Phil Wickham is one of my favorite worshippers. I was blessed to hear Phil live this past January. Cannons is up there in my favorites written by him.

Praying that as you sit and take in these lyrics, that your heart would be humbled before the majesty of our Lord. May you break forth in song and praise our Lord.

Cannons, Phil Wickham


Unknown said...

I just listened to this one the other day! Definitely a great one.. our God is incredible.. beyond words. I was just thinking about how crazy it is that He loves me! With all my faults.. all my imperfections.. to know that He is Holy.. and that He cares about me just makes me want to cry.. it's crazy. His love is incredible.

Rylie Renee said...

I love this song!


ps. cute blog.

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