-A B O U T-

God will never ask you to do anything He wouldn't equip you to do.
All you have to do is position yourself and He will do the rest. -Bob Coy

A Lily Among Thorns is a blog that exist to accomplish two goals:
1. Point people to Jesus 2. Challenge and encourage people to live as lily among thorns in our world.
God called me to this blog, and I don't take this responsibility lightly. I promise to not shy away from exposing my shortcomings and failures as well as the insights and revelations that God shares with me. I am committed to you my reader and faithfully pray that God speaks to you through me.
 May you be blessed and motivated to live your life in such a way that it sets God apart for all to see Him for who He is: Our mighty and awesome God! 

What you will faithfully find: 

These are your regular post, composed of: experiences, stories, encouragement, confessions, lessons and challenges. My everyday walk!

Every Friday. One song gets the spotlight, focusing on lyrics that accomplish the two goals of this blog. 

New! Every Tuesday. One sentence will be the entire post. Anything from a quote to a personally written thought that will challenge and cause us to think. 

Once a month. The book of James is full of wisdom, direction and encouragement. Here we look at one or a few verses from this little big book. 

Once a month. 13 of the 27 books of the New Testament were written by Paul the Apostle, this man sure has a lot to share with us. Definitely worth a read!

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