Women of the Bible

 A woman was created not by accident or chance but with purpose: born to be a helper. She was not comparable to an animal, or a tree or even God, but comparable/ equal to a man. God created her to perfection, ready for every good work... click HERE to read more.

Widow of Zeraphath
 The Widow of Zeraphath is about to use the last of her flour and oil which stood between her son’s and her own starvation, when along came Elijah and told her to make him a cake. Her condition is so severe that she is ready to call it quits and die...  click HERE to read more. 

Not much is shared with us regarding Rhoda. Was she a little girl or a teenager? Was she a believer of Jesus? Was she meeting at John Mark’s home to pray? Was she related to anyone? Who is this Rhoda? click HERE to read more. 

Mary, Mother of Jesus 
Part I - Mission Impossible 
Highly favored?! I can almost imagine those two words echoing in Mary’s mind as she stood confused and agitated. To be favored meant that Mary had been pursued with grace, and was made accepted by God. Both of which could have baffled anyone in Mary’s place. click HERE to read more. 

Part II - Asking and Storing 
Like Mary, we ask God the following question, “Why have You done this to me?” And when we get an answer, we are left dumbfounded, not understanding the reply from Heaven. You are not alone. click HERE to read more. 

Part III - A Sinner Saved
There she cried out, “That is my son on the cross, my son!” I cried that line louder and louder a few more times. Mary then paused to cry and lifted her hands pointing out and said, “That is my Savior on the cross! My Savior!” click HERE to read more.

A Woman Caught in Adultery 
Between heartbeats and fighting for freedom, she is able to grab the sheet and cover herself. Not only was she yanked out of bed, but she was dragged and paraded through the city and into the temple walls. There she stood before the man who could condemn her to death. She stood roughly lifeless, certainly hopeless and immorally stained. click HERE to read more.

Mary of Bethany: Fragrance of Christ

And it is here that I uncovered the great treasure Mary had found and would not be taken from her. Mary had possession of a very costly thing, a spikenard that was roughly 300 denarii ($30,000-$35,000). If in fact this oil was to be used for burial, why had Mary not broken the flask for her brother Lazarus when he had died? click HERE to read more.

Jochebed: Basket Full and Surrendered

But the day came when she could no longer nurture her little one. A fatal future awaited her son if he remained under her care. Jochabed’s love for her child proved to be greater than her own ability to protect him as she surrendered him in a basket and unto the Nile River. And as her son drifted farther and farther away from her, a portion of her heart must have died within her. click HERE to read more.

The Shulamite Woman: Altogether Beautiful 

I don’t know about you but I can certainly identify with the Shulamite woman in Song of Solomon, feeling beautiful at times but not fully accepted. Her dark skin color had nothing to do with her race. Working in the fields, under the sun, had tanned her skin. She lived in a society where the upper class did not tend the fields, therefore, their skin was pale and society praised that. She was self-conscious of what she considered a flaw, but her beloved Solomon thought otherwise. click HERE to read more.

Leah was Laban’s first daughter, and Jacob’s first wife, but she was far from being in first place. She is described as having weak eyes, no sparkle; dull in appearance. Though she may not have been an ugly duckling, compared to Rachel, she must have felt like one. Adding injury to insult, beautiful Rachel had captivated the heart of a man, not Leah. Then, the unexpected happened, one that would surely work in her favor.  click HERE to read more.

I admire that Huldah was confident in the spiritual gift and ministry she received from the Lord. She was not pre-occupied with desiring the ministry of the public prophets. Nor did she usurp their roles. She remained in the Second Quarter of Jerusalem and led her God-given gift and ministry peaceably. She didn’t try to be anyone else but herself.  click HERE to read more

- I wish we had a video clip of this encounter. We don’t know for how long Lydia sat, or what Paul spoke. But we do know that she listened. She took in every word that was spoken by Paul. And the very God that set the stage for this meeting was the very same God who opened Lydia’s heart to receive the truth spoken by Paul.  click HERE to read more

Widow with Two Coins
Many would call her giving foolishness. Surely a person must be out of their right mind to willingly give away all they have. I believe this widow understood that her treasure was not found in two copper coins, not in what they could deliver. The choice to give all that she had, as a gift to the Lord, was a treasure that no one could take away from her. Her type of giving required trust in the God. This is faith, not folly. click HERE to read more


Miriam, like many of us, spoiled great wisdom and honor with just a little foolishness. Her imprudence was none other than a critical spirit. She was an expert at finding fault and focusing on it. Taking it a step further, she spoke her criticism to those around her. Out of the abundance of Miriam’s heart, her mouth spoke. click HERE to read more

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