Thursday, June 17, 2010

Peru Update & Prayer Request

Hi Friends.
For a quick update on the team in Peru you can click HERE. Thank you for your prayer support.

Calling all Prayer Warriors.
Her name is Rosita and she has a cyst in her knee area. Her job is a little rocky right now and she may be unemployed soon. In the next week or so she will be seeing a doctor. Please pray for her as the Spirit of God leads you. I will keep you posted in the days to come.

  Blessed be the Lord,
         Who daily loads us with benefits,
         The God of our salvation!  
Psalm 68:19  


Carmen and Rachelle said...

Said a prayer...hope all goes well.

Chris said...

I had a cyst on my tail bone some time ago, and while the surgery and the suspense was horrible, I will say that God used that situation to my benifit and His glory. Gen 50:20 for Rosita :-)

Berean Girl said...

Praying for her. Hope all goes well.

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