Friday, June 18, 2010

Lyrical Friday - Burn Us Up

Good Friday Everyone! When Lyrical Friday was inspired by a midweek service where the message was delivered by the worship band through songs. Today's song is straight out of the Bible. Read the book of Daniel and have your world rocked. Enjoy today's song and if you don't know the story get your Bible open and read it.

God bless YOU!!!

Burn Us Up, Shane and Shane 


Melinda said...

You know how much this scripture portion means to me right now, so I like that it's your lyrical Friday post :o)

Melissa Runcie | Madabella said...

What a powerful awesome song. I desperately want to do a Daniel study...maybe in the fall. I love music that ties into a study. I just taught a study about resting in God for our women's ministry and create a compilation CD with songs about resting and being still...worship is such a form of deepening God's word in my heart. ;)

Much love,

P.S. I changed my blog to, so come check it out sometime. I no longer have "uniquely yours..." :D

Berean Girl said...

I like the idea of the lyrical worship. Perhaps, I may suggest that to my church pastor.

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