Wednesday, February 6, 2013

known by name

As I emailed the ladies from my Bible study, I included a few words of encouragement. This too may be for you as much as it was for me this morning. So grab a cup of coffee, or tea, or hot chocolate and read on. 

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In the Bible there are many women who are mentioned but have no names. They are either identified by their location, their status and/or their condition. For example: A SAMARITAN woman, The WIDOW of Zeraphath, The woman with the ISSUE OF BLOOD. There are many more nameless and faceless women in the Bible.

You fill in the blank about yourself: 
The woman with the issue of __________. 
The wife of __________.
The Woman from __________. (this label could be your workplace)

I know that there are times when we feel like a nameless women. We even label others by what we see of them or their circumstance. If we focus on the label, we will miss out on a greater truth. These nameless women were not nameless to God. He knew each one by name and was intimately acquainted with their need. Though they had no names, God counted them worthy of mentioning them in His Word, using them for His purpose. He knew the name of the Samaritan woman, and though to the world she had a need for physical love, God saw her real need and He met her there. An outcast among her own people, she then became a bold witness for Christ. He knew the name of the Widow of Zeraphath. To the word she was just a poor widow with nothing to offer. But to God, she was a rich widow for her faith and obedience would prove that with God all things are possible. The woman with the issue of blood was also known by God, He knew her name. To the watching world her need was for healing but God knew that her real need was salvation. God knows you by name. 

He knows your need, your real need. He knows what you cry about. He knows what you worry about. He knows it all. Knowing everything about you He yearns to  speak comfort to you through His word. He longs for your presence in prayer. And He anxiously yet patiently waits for you to stop and worship Him. Through these three you will find hope, security, and deliverance. You are not nameless to God. Be blessed, you are known by name and your identity is found in Him. 

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