Friday, February 1, 2013

Lyrical Friday - Rooftops

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I am obsessed with Rooftops by Kim Walker. No really, I can't stop singing, humming and bobbing my head when I can't do either. OK, maybe I'm exaggerating but all jokes aside the song is fantastic.

The chorus: 
So I shout out Your name, 
From the rooftops I proclaim
That I am Yours, I am Yours
All that I am I place into Your loving hands
And I am Yours, I am Yours

Have you ever been at a rooftop overlooking a city? I have. Once in Italy and another time in Israel. And even though I wasn't at an actual rooftop, I stood overlooking Naples and Bethlehem. It was 3 am when we took a break from searching for our hotel. You see, we didn't know that at midnight public transportation ended and to top things off, we never wrote down our hotel's name and address. Two guys from the restaurant offered to help us find our way back home. And so after 2 hours they said, " We will show you Naples." The car came to a stop at the side of a road and it was there that I saw the city of Naples. It was a dark mountain side view of the city but the stars and street lights gave us enough to see her streets, the homes, the trees and all that Naples had to offer minus the people who slept. It was beautiful. Six of us stood at a mountain top overlooking the city, practically drooling over the amazing live picture that was before us.We were silent for a good moment and then the "oohs" and "ahs" followed. It was a movie perfect scene, a film opportunity to yell off the top of our lungs but we didn't. We were caught up in the moment. We were shy before these strangers who generously helped us. We were blinded from seeing this open opportunity to shout. And the moment passed us by. 

Fast Forward to now hearing this song and paying close attention to these lyrics. Why are we not shouting His name and proclaiming His truths from the rooftop of our live. And I don't mean an actual shouting, that would just prove to people that I am really a nut case. I am talking about the silent witness, the one on one encounters, the response to every day life that should be played out as a bold shout. I suppose  we get caught up in the moment that happens day to day, somewhat like my mountain top experience. Are we are shy and lack boldness to rise and speak? Or it may just be that we are not attentive to the opportunities God has placed before us. But that can change. 

My prayer and hope in sharing today's Lyrical post is to that you and I would be stirred up, provoked in a sense, to live bold lives. I pray that when these "rooftop" opportunities arise that we would take notice of them and seize them. So go on, proclaim it today that you are God's special child. Shout out who God is in your life, for you may never know who it may minister to. Make yourself available to be used by God for His glory and fame! 

Rooftops, Jesus Culture 

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