Thursday, August 9, 2012

reunited, and it feels so good

Meet my Bible. 
Friday night, it went missing at church. 
I figured I had moved it from my purse and Sunday morning I'd find it.
Sunday came.
I searched anywhere and everywhere it could possibly have been. 
This was the most tragic and unsuccessful of all searches. 
Someone told me, "Give up, your Bible was probably stolen."
Monday mourning. I cried so much.
I reminisced on all the times I dated a verse that changed me, 
the highlighted portions of scripture that meant more than life to me, 
and the notes I had taken that got me through each day. 
My heart hurt, a lot. 
I realized Monday morning, that out all that I possessed,
my Bible was my most treasured possession. 
And now that it was gone, I yearned for it more than ever. 
I longed to hold it.
I longed to turn its pages.
I longed for the words of the Lord. 
I mourned as one who had lost their loved one. 
Tuesday it settled within me that days, months would pass before I saw it again.
I may never hold my Bible again. 
I gave a passing thought to someone else's growth by it. 
Wednesday morning I heard a teaching on prayer
The Pastor read from Matthew 13:58, 
"Jesus did not do many mighty works there because of their unbelief."
What could God do if I believed that He could do what I prayed for?
My faith was challenged, and so was my prayer life. 
I prayed: Lord, I am putting your name on the line. 
I believe You, Almighty God, will return my Bible to my hands."
The details of what happened to my Bible are not necessary. 
How it was returned to me are of no value to our walk. 
That God answered my prayer is the big deal. 
What mattered to me, mattered to Him. 
He took notice of my pain. 
He cupped my tears. 
He heard me. 
What matters to you, matters to God. 
He has taken notice of your pain. 
He cups every tear you cry.
He hears you. 
Reunited with my Bible and it feels so good! The first page I randomly opened my Bible to was in the end of Isaiah. Highlighted in the bottom of the page is one of my favorite verses. "I will answer them before they even call to me. While they are still talking about their needs, I will go ahead and answer their prayers!" Isaiah 65:24. Remember this one! 
What could God do, 
if you believed that He could do what you prayed for?

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God is truly good! His timing is perfect.

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