Thursday, August 2, 2012

Elisabeth Elliot on...

"Although as the world looks at things, we may be "solo", we are not, as God looks at things, solitary instruments. We belong to an orchestra and make harmony by playing our particular part of the score on the instrument given to us."
God's Grace
"One who forfeits the grace of God is like a bitter, noxious weed which poisons the lives of others. Refusal to accept grace isolates, as a sulking child, wrapped up in his own misery, refuses comfort." 
Obedience, Sacrifice and Carrying our Cross
"A hard obedience accepted for Christ is the Cross taken up. It is His Cross. He would not give us one which He Himself is not also bearing, has not also borne at Calvary. Each time my heart says YES when my human nature says NO, there the Cross is taken up. There I become a little more like my Master, there I live in Him, there I participate in His work of fulfilling the Father's will on earth."
Elisabeth Elliot
She's a gem. 

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Amber Noella said...

Hi, Raquel!
I just read your Lily Story & want to say thank you for writing it out. It really blessed me to see God work through your life & show HIMSELF through you. He does shine through you so beautifully & I so hope I can be like you one day. I am almost 19 & am growing so much; God has truly done amazing things in me. Anyway, thank you!

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