Friday, August 3, 2012

Lyrical Friday - Burn

Hello Lovelies!
I am so excited to introduce you to Torches. I downloaded the EP off of iTunes this morning and have not stopped playing it. It is my personal believe that every one should download it too. After all, it only cost $2.97. Yea, that was a shameless plug for my friend who is the male vocalist. Spread the word, Torches EP is out!
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And most important of all, iTunes... shop for Torches. Now you can tell your friends that you bought Torches. What'a convo starter.
Moving on to lyrical business. The lyrics to 'Burn' are powerful. This is my prayer and now my anthem. May your heart burn as you turn to Lord, through this wonderfully made song.
Burn, Torches


Let our hearts always praise our king
With every breathe and song we sing
Let our love pour out for truth
Let it speak and let it move
Till our hearts are consumed by you
we will burn
We will burn for you
Through the darkness
As we yearn 
As we yearn for you
With our hearts and
Let every breath we breathe 
And every song we sing 
Let them burn
Let them burn for you
In the dark the lost and hurt
We will stand with hearts that burn
Every tribe and nation sing
Every tongue will confess your king
In our love (with every song we get to sing)
In our hope (with every breath we get to breathe)
In our hearts (with every chance we get to be)
We will burn (let us burn)

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