Friday, July 20, 2012

Lyrical Friday - Sit With You Awhile

Happy Friday!
Life has been busy, and time is against me. And like many, I am marked with a Martha stamp (read Luke 10:38-42). Being still and sitting for just a little while seems unreasonable, in comparison to my to do list, but it's a must. I constantly have to choose stillness over busyness. I prefer mornings and enjoy sitting with Jesus as I drink my coffee and eat my toast. I'll be honest, more than often, my "quiet time" is rushed and I take in enough Jesus to get me through the day. But oh how glorious are the days that I get to sit without an agenda or a to-do list that follows. Effectively seeking Jesus is not marked by the length of time you spend sitting, reading and praying. It is marked by a renewed spirit, a renewed mind and a fruitful life. 
I know that there are times that we are weary, discouraged and don't feel like sitting with God. I also know that there is a war we wrestle, flesh against spirit. Are you feeding the flesh or are you feeding the Spirit? The one you feed the most will conquer you. So, if you are up for an assignment, do a word search in the New Testament of  the word "sat". You will find, as I did, that there is a lot of sitting in the New Testament. Jesus sat, the disciples sat, people sat and even the dead sat up again. They either sat to hear Jesus or they sat to pray. They had busy lives and were afflicted by great trials but they made time to sit with Jesus some even pursued Him till He stopped to speak. I was blown away by this. I don't think I sit enough. 
It is my prayer that we be a sitting people, who desire God's presence and yearn to hear Him speak into our lives. Not the lazy sitting, but the Mary kind. Mary had chosen that which was good: sitting at the feet of Jesus. The truths we hear and learn, at His feet, will never be taken from us. It is at His feet that we begin to know Him intimately. Let's practice sitting as we listen to and meditate on these lyrics, while making them our own words. God bless YOU!
Sit With You Awhile, Sarah Kelly

I know that You are here
And all I want to do is get closer to You
And just sit with You awhile
And live in this moment
Cause I don't love You for who they say You are
But for who You are to me
You are my peace
You are my hope
You are my life oh Lord
And there's no place else
I’d rather be
Than with You, I love You
Oh Lord
Now to the one with endless grace
Now to the one who died in my place
I want to sit with You awhile
And live in this moment

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