Tuesday, June 14, 2011

a bit broken and anxious

Hi Friends.
So happy to be writing to you. I pray that you may be found resting, hoping and rejoicing in God's Word.

My heart is heavy, a bit broken and anxious- all for righteousness sake. The lack of love and compassion among Christians is sad. There seems to be more judgment than grace. I by no means intend on pointing a finger and not have three pointing back at me, I fall short too.

God is Holy.
God is Perfection.
God is Blameless & Spotless.
God is Creator, Maker, Author & Giver.
God is Beauty.
God is Light.
God is Life.
God is Deliver.
God is Liberator.
God is Freedom.
God is Father.
God is Spirit.
God is Son.
God is Just.
God is Judge.
God is Hope.
God is Love.
God is Mercy.
God is Grace.
God is Forgiving.
God is Compassionate.
God is Relentless.
God is what we are not.

I encourage you to be as Christ-like as you can be.
May we be known not for what we are against, but for what we believe. We aren't here to point out someone's sins (believe me they are very well aware of them) but rather, we are here to point them to Jesus. Let's not continue oppressing the hopeless or weak with our so-called "Christianity" and self-righteousness. On the contrary, let's abide continually with the Lord Jesus, so that the fruits of His Holy Spirit may be sown in us and flow through us to those who are poor in spirit. May the Love we have placed our faith in, be the Lord that transcends all sin.
Read this awesome testimony, click HERE.

What God has cleansed you must not call unclean. Acts 10:15


Chrissy said...

Amen! It saddens me to realize that as much as I hate to see brothers accusing brothers, I, too, am guilty of falling into such a trap at times. May we all find it in us to show grace to one another!

carolina said...

i was reading 1 john today about being in His light, man what a challenge for us. you're awesome, stay awesome

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