Friday, June 24, 2011

Lyrical Friday - More Than Hands

Happy Friday to YOU!
For those of you who have never heard of Sarah Macintosh... shame on you! LOL Unfortunately, you won't find much of Sarah on youtube or such websites.Check out her site HERE and do get her songs off of itunes, you will be blessed. Anywho, on to lyrical business.

I absolutely love this song, I have for the past couple of years. I pray that these lyrics may do a marvelous work in your heart. May you find value and worth in these words. And may your heart break forth in worship.

 *I've cut the video out because it was hideous, lol. Yea, I just said that. The lyrics is what matters, hehe. 

These are more than hands
My feet have been called out
The message in my heart
I’ll live and breathe, and shout
These are more than words
Our praise is not our own
The melody we know
We love to sing Your song

We are the people
We are His nation
We are the voice Of this generation

Holy! Holy!
Lord God almighty is He
We know who you are!

This is more than life
We’re bought and we’re restored
You died our souls to save
Your Spirit found it’s home

You’re the name above all names
You’re the high and lifted up
You’re the king above all kings
You’re the reason we cry out!
Adoni! Emmanuel!
Jehovah-Rapha! Elohim!
El-Shaddai! El-Olam!
Standing shouting we will sing!

Worthy! Worthy!
You reign in Majesty
We know who you are!
Precious Savior
We know who you are

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