Friday, May 6, 2011

Lyrical Friday - Come To Save Us

Happy Friday my beloved Readers.
I want you all to know that I have prayed for you this week. My prayer is that God would reveal Himself to you in a real, powerful and special way. At this moment, this season in my life, God is my provider (Jehovah Jireh). I would love to know who is God in your life at this very season. do share!

This week a friend introduced me to Sons and Daughters, Integrity Music's latest worship band. Let me tell you, they have rocked my world this week with today's song: Came to save Us. The simplicity of these lyrics have humbled me. Oh wretched woman that I am, unworthy and undeserving. But the King of kings and Lord of lords has come to save me. He has come to save you. Giving us both value and worth, sharing His glory with us.

Dear Friend, I encourage you to set apart the next few minutes and spend it with Jesus as Sons and Daughters leads you into an amazing time of worship. Don't shy away from the One who saves you.

Our help is in the name of the LORD. Psalm 124:8

Come To Save Us, Sons and Daughters

You have come to save us
You have come to save us
You have come to save us, Lord

You have a way here
You have made the clear
You have come to save us, Lord

Jesus, You're the one who saves us
You're the one who saves us
King of all the other kings on earth

You are the light and fire
You are our desire
You have come to save us, Lord

You're the hope among us
You're the peace that binds us
You have come to save us, Lord

King of all Kings
Lord of all Lords
Light of the World You shine

PS. Please keep my friend Lou in prayer. This past Wednesday He had two surgical procedures done, one being his knee and the other his ankle. Pray for a speedy and effective recovery. Thanks.

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