Thursday, September 23, 2010

the Rock that is higher than us

Hi Friends.
Fall is here and with it a time of reflection. This year thus far has been, to say the least, overwhelming. God, however, has demonstrated unconditional commitment to me. He has displayed such devotion through His Word, His people, and countless God moments.

Yesterday I found myself a bit overwhelmed with life, failures and fears. During this time God revealed to me an area of my life that He was not pleased with and desiring to make whole. It was a sweet time of restoration as the Lord picked me up and led me in the way of everlasting. Even today He continued to speak life, hope and future to me through the prayer of a faithful friend.

After this time of reflection I "happened" upon a verse. I have been meditating, considering and mulling over these words. My prayer is that you too may be comforted by this verse and increadible chapter: When my heart is overwhelmed; lead me to the rock that is higher than I. -Psalm 62:2. What great comfort, to know that Jesus is higher than me. In my crying out, I am being ushered to the One that can and will always workout ALL things for my good. He is commited to me.

Be encouraged today, with this truth: when we call out to the Lord for help, we will be lead to the rock that is higher than us, to Jesus our great Leader. And in Him we find a safe refuge, hope, forgiveness, mercy and grace that abounds. Lead us Lord, into your presence. And thank you for being a rock, our fortress and firm foundation. Be this and more to my readers.

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