Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hello + Goodbye

I am very grateful for the blog world. I have come across bloggers who exude the love and gospel of Jesus Christ. One of these lovely bloggers is Aurora from Put on Love, Aurora. Below is a post from her blog that I absolutely love. Enjoy!

Hello a.k.a. God wink: Gods "coincidences".
Goodbye a.k.a God slap: God telling you to S.T.O.P.

Goodbye insecurities.
Hello inner beauty.
ie: While getting a pedicure, the color I wanted happened to be called "True Beauty", as I turned the bottle over, the nail polish was entitled: "Aurora". God wink.

Goodbye doing nothing.
Hello being faithful.
ie: I've always wanted to work with special needs students. "Coincidentally" enough my room mates mother is the secretary at a school in my area, I got the job. God wink.

Goodbye dependency on a man.
Hello trust in God.
ie: I ended things with my then-boyfriend-almost-fiance-we-were-going-different-directions man. A few weeks later, my father got diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. I was able to spend time with my dad throughout his ENTIRE journey of terminal illness (chemo, doctors visits, etc). I was S-I-N-G-L-E for the first time in cough, 6 years, cough. God wink.

Goodbye no community.
Hello church family.
ie: After my dad passed; members, goers, employees, servants and friends assisted PLANNED my fathers entire memorial service. Food was provided, a Pastor was present, a video was made, flyers were typed, ushers came forward, mattresses were borrowed, and unconditional LOVE was given. God wink.

Goodbye loneliness.
Hello true friendships.
ie: 2 months before my father passed away, my sister and I moved into a new house with 2 of our closest friends. As if our names being Aurora, Nora, Marissa and Alyssa wasn't "coincidental" enough, Marissa's father had past away a few months prior from cancer, was on hospice and her father passed away the same way mine did. She understood, she helped, she brought supplies, beds, etc. She made the entire process less lonely. God wink.

Goodbye mixed up priorities.
Hello time with Jesus.
ie: After work one day, I went to do my routine Facebook-Twitter-3 email accounts (why do I even have that many)-Photography-Depressing NY Times social media check. My internet happened to be "down" and when it did come back on Facebook wouldn't "work" (I later found out the server was down). I spent 2 hours face down, reading, learning and diving into God's word. God wink.

Goodbye feminism.
Hello feminity.
ie: One of my best friends Kati Smith was part of the planning committee for womens retreat this year, and reluctantly, I went. The speaker Bianca Juarez distinctly defined the difference between the two. My mom, 2 sisters and I all "happened' to be attending that weekend. (All part of the former F.A.) (Feminists anonymous.) God wink.

Goodbye perfection.
Hello humility.
ie: I had been yearning to be more transparent, open and raw about my life, feelings, etc. The lovely Hillary posted a blog about saying goodbye and to stop holding onto our past. She inspired me to write ALL of this. God wink.

*If you want to read more from Aurora click HERE.

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