Friday, September 3, 2010

Lyrical Friday - Inside

Happy Friday!
I was not planning on posting this song, but God lead me to it. Jared Anderson is an anointed worship leader. Today's song, Inside, has challenged me to 1) submit my life To God as clay in a potter's hands and 2) to be light and love to this World that is quickly pershing. See the connection: God and others.

Praying that God, our consuming fire, may burn away all that keeps us in sin till we are chaged and all that remains is one holy passion for Him. And when we are passionate for God, loving others becomes second nature. God less YOU!!!!

PS-- Be in prayer for the second HEAL group. Small group starts tomorrow Saturday.

Inside, Jared Anderson

No eye has seen, no ear has heard
How the glory of God's gonna cover the world
What will silence the tongues of men
Give our children freedom to dance again
They will dance again

I will be clay in the Potter's hand,
I will be light in a darkened land
I will be love lit on fire,
Holy Spirit burn on the inside
I will be color to the black and grey,
I'll raise a banner up in Jesus' Name
And I will be love lit on fire
Holy Spirit, burn on the inside, on the inside

This old world keeps falling apart,
but Jesus comes to wherever you are
Breathing life on the desert floor
And resurrection on the faces of the poor
On the faces of the poor

Oh, oh, oh, oh

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Anonymous said...

Happy Friday Raquel! I loved the words to this song! Thank you for sharing and I shall pray for HEAL and your small group. God loves you sister! Have a great weekend! Philippians 3:7-21

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