Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Today is my Birthday!

I have to be completely transparent with you so that you can grasp the goodness of my God.

Birthdays for me are huge deal. I love throwing surprise parties for others. I have even been guilty of planning surprise parties for myself, lol. My birthday celebrations normally included a week of festivities. But this year came with a rushing wind of changes. Yesterday didn't feel like my birthday was around the corner at all. I parked myself at The Lonely Inn and right when I was about to check in I texted a wonderful friend who encouraged me and reminded me that I am loved by God.

God in His infinite and everlasting love for me has unleashed an overwhelming downpour of blessings upon me today. I can't even count how many phone calls, text messages, emails and birthday day cards that I have recieved today. So much love and kindness that I know I am unworthy of. On Facebook alone I have 192 wall posts from FB friends wishing me a Happy Birthday, messages and over 20  status comments. I'm sure it sounds silly to count or even care about something vain like this but it was more than a human acknowledgement of my birthday... God reached out to me over 200 times today whispering through all of my friends that I matter to Him, that He cares for me, that He loves me, that I am wonderfully made, that He is using me, that people are seeing Him in my life and through my life. Thank You Jesus, my cup truly runs over with your goodness.

I celebrated tonight with 14 wonderful ladies who came to my house for a time of Worship and Prayer. I celebrated the One who who knew me before I was formed. We celebrated the one who gave me life, abundant life. We praised the one who lifted us all from the miry clay and set our feet upon the rock. We prayed for one another and then we came to the communion table. I love partaking in communion with my friends outside of the four walls of the church, it's like we are New Testament believers in Acts 2. It was a wonderful time with the lover of my soul. Today we also celebrate 5 years since my cousin Denise surrendered her life to Jesus. The best gift was worshipping Jesus with 14 women who are also head over heels in love with Him.

I wanted to share a few of the messages that were sent to me via Facebook that have humbled me. My God I love you, thank you for these messages ( I only kept the initials to protect peoples identity on FB ):

J M: happy birthday!!! wish i was there to celebrate with u !!! our time will come. love u may the Lord bless u tremendously!!!!!

Happy Birthday my friend! May God continue to bless you richly each and everyday of your life. I pray that you never change no matter what.

May you continue to bless the lives of everyone who you come in contact with. I praise the Almighty for blessing you into my life when I was in Miami. Lonely, you always took care of me especially spiritually. I wish that there was some way I can repay you for everything you have done for me.
I guess or I should say I know I am missing my friend
Happy Birthday Raquel. Have a blessed day!
Staney Boy
De Trini FlyBoy!
J R: Happy Birthday Raquel :) May the Lord bless you richly! Thank you for the beautiful fellowship tonight. Love being able to sit at His feet with sisters!
J B: Hey Rak! For ur birthday I give you the "Oscar" for most radiant personality. Be blessed my friend!
M G: you are truely have the most beautifu spirit i have ever seen, i love you soooo much! i dont know who i would be today, without your influence, i know God loves me so much because He's allowed you to be a part of my life, and spiritually raise me in so many ways, you truel are my emmy!! i hope you have an amazing birt...hday! i know the only way God can repay you for all that you have done, is in heaven. thanks for being the Paul, to my Tmothy! the peanut butter to my jelly, and the mac to my cheese! UBC my love UBC!!! i love you! more than i love starbucks coffee and make up combined! you know the significance of that! lol!! thanks for being my RackRuth ♥ happy birthday, and God bless you just as much, no actually more than you have blessed me! and thats a tough job to do lol =)
S L: Definitely has been an adventure for the past 5 years of knowing such a Godly woman, that has been one of my closest friends, old youth leader, sister, partner in crime, etc...Happy Birthday Raquel Rodriguez ...Thanks for all the great memories and laughs. I love you!
C S: Happy birthday my sweet friend!!! I hope you're enjoying this beautiful day the Lord has made (for you) :D
F S: Happy Birthday Raquel! Thanks for the daily inspiration you bring into my life. I pray that it is a day specially set aside with you and Jesus and that He love you through His people. I love you
M A: Happy Birthday, Raquel!! Hope you have a Jesus moment today!! :D
J L: Happy Birthday to my Raquelita!! girl u inspire me!! May God continue to use your life in a mighty and powerful way as you continue to seek Him more!!!
B B: Happy Birthday!!!!! Hoot hoot :) keep up the amaZing way you are, your incredible self and your love for Jesus!!!
S L: Raquelita, que Dios te bendiga. You are a blessing to all who know you. Thank you Lord for sending Raquelita to us. She is like a ray of sunshine and a joy to know. Love you girl.
I serve an awesome God!!!
My Birthday was AMAZING! May His wonders never cease in my life.
God Bless You
Taste and see that the LORD is good. Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in him!
Psalm 32:8


rajika said...

ure one of the most wonderful souls i ever came across !!
so vibrant n positive !! i wish i could be half as good as you..n c life the way u c it !!
but im sure ur radiating aura will have quite sum effect on me :)
i <3 u
ure destined to be loved by the world !

rajika :)

melissa said...

Um....let's just pretend it's yesterday!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweet sister....may God shower you with blessings all the days of your life. What a neat day to have the Lord shine down on you...


Anonymous said...

umm happy late birthday haha hope ur blessed each and everyday of ur life.


Amber Noella said...

You have such wonderful friends, Happy Birthday. You are blessed!!

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