Friday, July 18, 2014

pray more

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"I'm going to pray more."
It's been said before, and often. How did that go?

I can understand the prayer-less life of a person who has never experienced the power of prayer. But to those of us who have experienced the miraculous, the spectacular, the awe-inspiring power of prayer, we have no excuse. What possible excuse could we give to the God who gives all to us?

It has been in my personal time of prayer that I have grown in faith. For it takes faith to believe that God is who He says He is. It takes faith to believe that God hears my prayers. It takes faith to believe that God cares for the words I say. It takes faith to believe that He will answer, guide, and provide. It takes faith to believe that He has a plan, a purpose, and a will for all my petitions, concerns, and thoughts. And so with every prayer lifted to Heaven faith is increased, and my fears, doubts, and unbelief are shattered. 

Yet, if I only pray my benefit, than I have lost the greatest reward of all... I've lost Christ. It has been those moments that in prayer God speaks to me that have transformed my faith. Prayer is more than simply speaking, it's also about listening. I think this is why so many (myself included) claim to have prayer lives but are found spiritually malnourished. After all, Jesus did say that He is the bread of life. He longs to feed us as we pray.

Hunger for a transforming prayer life. 

Purpose with me to expect the miraculous. 
Purpose with me to seek spectacular conversations with God. 
Purpose with me to be inspired by His silence as much as His words. 
Purpose with me to pray more. 

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