Friday, March 2, 2012

Single and waiting for Mr.Perfect

Does your singleness feel like a game of hide-and-seek? "Come out, come out, wherever you are" is becoming more of a command than a silly script from a children's game. Have you searched high and low, near and far with no luck? Are you tired of waiting and Mr.Perfect is nowhere to be found? Can I get a witness?!

Let's first look at the qualities of Mr.Perfect: He should already come with built-in features such as love, romance, intimacy, adventure, humor and desire. Other qualities that Mr.Perfect will possess are gentleness, kindness, friendliness, approachable, graceful yet warrior-like, honest, and faithful. Now I ask you, upon reading this amazing list of qualities, can Mr. Perfect truly exist all in one person? Or is it OK to settle our hearts with an almost Mr.Perfect? I'm here to tell you that Mr.Perfect does exist. 

It may just be that you are looking for Him in all the wrong places. 
If you want good pizza, you don't go to McDonalds.
If you want running shoes, you don't go to the local supermarket. 
If you want to watch a live baseball game, you go to the stadium.
If you want a beautiful dress, you go to a boutique. 
If you want a hair cut, you go to a beauty salon. 
You catch my drift. 

If Mr.Perfect is who you are searching for, stop looking at the world and fix your eyes upon Jesus. Take notice, if I was to describe Him, you would jump on the wagon: "Single male, 33 years old, Christian, loves God, man of prayer, teacher of the Word, friendly, family oriented, loves children, loves adventure, traveling, carpenter, doctor, cook, fisherman, and all around good guy, self sacrificing and saving himself for his bride." Granted, the list describing Jesus is massive but based on these, any single woman in a right state of mind would yell out, "Hubba! Hubba! Bring it on." 

Do not fear, for you will not be ashamed;
Neither be disgraced, for you will not be put to shame;
For you will forget the shame of your youth,
And will not remember the reproach of your widowhood anymore.
For your Maker is your husband,
The Lord of hosts is His name;
And your Redeemer is the Holy One of Israel;
He is called the God of the whole earth.
For the Lord has called you
Like a woman forsaken and grieved in spirit,
Like a youthful wife when you were refused,”
Says your God.
Isaiah 54:4-5

My beloved sisters, Mr.Perfect is not in hiding, nor is He too high or too low from your reach, nor too far but He is near. He is a thought away and a prayer away. He has known you before you were even conceived or even known in your mother's womb. He knew you by name. He knew what color hair you would have, how far apart your eyes would be, how long (or short) your legs were to be and even how fast your heart would beat. He knew that you would laugh, that you would also cry. He knew that you would long for love and intimacy. But He also knew that you would be a sinner and because you are not perfect as He is, a right relationship would be wrong and impossible. And so He did what no man would ever do and what no man could ever do, what only a perfect man should do; He took on your sin, your debt, and your punishment and removed it from you as far as the east is from the west. And because He is God, He has made you new. Because of His righteousness, you can now enter into relationship with Him. Mr.Perfect, the Gentlemen of all gentlemen, has initiated a pursuance of your heart... How will you respond?

My challenge to you, date Mr.Perfect! Yes, it is possible to do. Prayer is how we talk to Him, and His Word is how He speaks to us. He has proved His great love to us on the cross and daily as He loads us with benefits and blessings. We prove our love to Him through obedience, worship and serving others. The amazing thing is that we don't have to hide a good thing when we find it, and our relationship with Jesus is a good thing that is to be shared. And like any relationship, not everyone will approve but the best way to prove them wrong is by building a strong relationship that makes you a better person at the same time. So let's get working! You may be single in status, but I'll tell you what, betrothed in heart to the most amazing Mr.Perfect. And one day, you will See Him face to face and hear Him say: You are Mine and I am yours.

Off on a date with Mr.Perfect,
The Single Lily

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