Friday, December 9, 2011

Lyrical Friday - Out of Reach

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Happy Friday!
Having a bad day? Having a bad week? month? year? life? I tend to live in the past. I live in the regret of yesterdays, the mistakes of long ago and the pain of the past produces fear in me. I have lost count at how many times I have intended on changing a certain area of my life or even embarking on a new journey and I don't do anything because my past has a hold on me. Is this you? Are you being held captive by your past? Have you been hurt and continue wounded? Have you failed and fallen and haven't gotten up? Is yesterday not allowing you to live today? Be encouraged, for God can make all things new.

Anorexia, my silent killer, has been one of the toughest obstacles to overcome. Shame kept me from opening this area of my life to anyone. My thoughts of relapsing was a vicious cycle that caused me to hate myself. And the fact of the matter that I had not forgiven myself condemned me from living in freedom. That is until God led me on a heal journey, literally a HEAL journey. God has a heal journey for you too. It begins with a willingness to surrender your past, bury it and rise above it with the Holy Spirit's guidance and help. God's Word is critical in overcoming the past because God has so many promises for you and your future. If you need prayer, please email me.

Sarah Kelly wrote this very song in a moment where she was being healed by God from the wounds of her past. In her case, she had been married to an abusive man who landed her in and out of the hospital many times. Deeply rooted wounds are hard to overcome, but allow this song to give you courage as you not only meditate on the words that Sarah Kelly now lives by and I live by too. God bless you.
Out of Reach, Sarah Kelly

No more words to singNo more contradicting melodyNo more cheap goodbyeNo more golden lie
Nothing to defendEyes, it's time to learn to cry againDrawing out this lineFor the millionth time
Behind me I seeA broken world andDead end dreams
I'm out of reachI'm out of the reach of yesterdayFade awayAnd I have changedI have changed, so on with today
Following my heartNo where but the honest truth to startWhat have I become?What could I become?
Failure or successWelcoming the test to prove my loveGrowing in my faithLord please grant the strength
Thankfully, I'm breaking freeFrom all the chains that are holding meI never knew how good life could beSo this is peace

I'm out of reachI'm out of the reach of yesterdayFade awayAnd I see lifeI see lifeAheadNot behind

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