Friday, November 4, 2011

Lyrical Friday - Conquering Lion

Happy Friday! 
I am posting very early today because one of my best friends is getting married later today. I am so excited. Maybe I'll have her share her "love" story on the blog. Anywho, unto lyrical business. 
Today's post, Conquering Lion, is one that is sure to get you kneeling and praying. The Lord has gently convicted me of my approach to unbelieving family, friends and strangers. As you read last week in Tear Down The Walls, God revealed to me that in pointing out someone's sin, I was not winning them over to the Lord but rather kicking a dead horse. He has taught me that love covers a multitude of sin and that if I am surely to win anyone over to Christ it will be by the power of the Holy Spirit's love. 
This week, through the lyrics of this song and through a short passage in 1 Kings I want to to encourage you to pray for those in your life who do not know Jesus personally and intimately. 
Some time later the woman’s son became sick. He grew worse and worse, and finally he died. Elijah replied, “Give me your son.” And he took the child’s body from her arms, carried him up the stairs to the room where he was staying, and laid the body on his bed. And he stretched himself out over the child three times and cried out to the Lord, “O Lord my God, please let this child’s life return to him.” The Lord heard Elijah’s prayer, and the life of the child returned, and he revived! 1 Kings 17:17, 19, 21-22
Dear Friends, may we be men and women who are prayer warriors as Elijah was. May we lay down our lives in prayer, standing in the gap for those who do not know the saving power and mighty grace of God. Through our prayers, immense strongholds and the strongest of chains can be broken. May our prayers be the fuel that revives these dead lives, may our prayers be heard by the Conquering Lion who can break any and every chain. 

Conquering Lion, Dominic Balli 

Bound up I saw him drowning today
He never look or even question
Is the burden of his free choice death
Cuz he can’t see and he can’t touch his chains
Well the Bible says to whom that you obey
To this one you become it’s slave, child
Either of sin leading to death or of
obedience leading to righteousness
Do those shackles bring freedom?

The Conquering Lion shall break every chain
The Conquering Lion shall break every chain
The Conquering Lion shall break every chain
Shall break every chain

Another day another time and I will break it then
My life, it’s my choice, I’ll choose how and when
But on the other side a battle cry
A fight for life and a life worth fighting for
Triumph’s loss if you never take it home
Victory is vain unless you claim your gold
One life to live you’ve got it one life to give
And when your freedom’s in the balance will you stand or fold?

Mind captive can you feel it pressing harder
Freedom born with now stolen by sin
Bound by your disbelief the fear enlarges
Conscience dead to what true love is
Liberty and justice, surety and fullness
America’s dream has not brought much contentment
Equality from within, prosperity and freedom
Is it just a figment of our imagination?
Or are we living free?

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