Friday, October 28, 2011

Lyrical Friday - Tear Down The Walls

As a Christian, it the desire of my heart to see all my loved ones walking in the ways of the Lord. I want for them to experience peace, love and joy. I want them to know the power of Christ in their lives and to share in the grace that has been so abundantly given to me. I want so much for them, yet they refuse it.

Out of all the unsaved people that I know, there is one in particular that has brought me to my knees year after year praying for His salvation. We will call him Bob. Being the straight forward gal that I am and battling years of foot in mouth disease, I thought it wise and prudent to always point out to Bob all his shortcomings and his faults. I thought that in doing so I was right. After all, in order to HELP Bob see his need of a savior, I needed to point out the sin in his life. Wrong! This is a common mistakes that Christians make unconsciously.

God graciously opened my eyes to error of my ways and used this song by Hillsong United to lead me in the way of His love. He helped me understand that I am not to play the role of the Holy Spirit in Bob's life, or any one else for that matter. He revealed to me that Bob was aware of his own shortcomings and unhappiness and I didn't need to keep reminding him of them (kicking the horse while its already dead). Faithful as God is, He forgave me for my mishandling of this situation and He tore down the walls in my heart. He has sown the fruits of His Spirit in my life and given me a new tactic: let love tear down the walls, not your condemnation.

Beloved reader, it is my prayer for you this day that you be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. May all the fruits of His precious Spirit be sown in your life and bear much fruit, good fruit, fruitful fruit. Heavenly Father I pray that the out pour of Your Holy Spirit be evident in their out pour of Your fruits from their lives to all others. May Your love tear down the walls in their lives and tear down the walls of all those around them who do not know You, Jesus, as their Lord and Savior. And when they don't see evidence of their love transforming their lives, let hope and faith arise, for they do not need to see it to believe it. Your Name is glorious. Your love is changing us, calling us, to worship in spirit and in truth, as all creation returns to You. It is in your name Father, Son and Holy Spirit that I pray. Amen. 
Tear Down The Walls, Hillsong United

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