Monday, January 3, 2011

keep calm and carry on

Hi Friends!
I was going to share with you my verse for this year BUT... God changed my agenda. lol The video below is from this weekend's service at my home church. Pastor Scott is one of my favorite Bible teachers. He has this amazing gift, he can explain the most complex and complicated parts of scriptures in the most simple and creative ways. And if you watch the video you'll notice his awesome play on words. It's hard not to remember the lessons God desires us to learn when Scott is teaching. I pray that you are both blessed and encouraged.

Stay Calm and Carry On from Calvary Chapel Kendall on Vimeo.

For service times and webcasting click HERE.
For more vimeo from Calvary Chapel Kendall click HERE.


Unknown said...

Thank you!! Lovin' your new background... thank you for your encouraging posts.. you have no idea.

Melinda said...

He's such a great teacher!! I'll have to listen to it later.

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