Saturday, January 23, 2010

Let him who has an ear...

“He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”

This week has been most wonderful. My week starting with me a few miles away from home attending a conference with the theme being "What the Spirit says to the Churches". It really was a great and refreshing time. Proverbs 25:11 says, A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver. The conference as a whole was a word fitly spoken and all the speakers were apples of gold in settings of silver.

These are just random notes:
Session 1 Pedro Garcia, Rev 2:1-7, Church of Ephesus/ the loveless church

  • they were an active church

  • they didn't lose their first love, for that would be hopeless but rather they left their first love

  • they hit cruise control and lost their child-like wonder

  • ALL IS NOT LOST: to regain the passion: remember where you have come from, repent and repeat the first work

Session 2 Marl Balmer, Rev 2:8-11, Church of Smyrna/ the suffering church
  • we don't have the wisdom to do life without God
  • Smyrna  produced much myrrh. Myrrh- the resin of a tree used for it's great scent and used as an embalming ointment. The bark had to be crushed for the scent and oil to be infused. (same with us)
  • God says, "have hope" Psalm 71:5
  • everytime we speak, give the people hope
  • remember people and their hurts- give hope
  • God knows our tribulation and He cares
  • Jesus says, "you're rich right now"- we have the Holy Spirit in us
  • Jesus says, "do not fear"- the battle belongs to the Lord
  • Be faithful to pass the test- faith that isn't tested can't be trusted
  • faith like a muscle needs to be exercised for it to grow
  • Jesus says, "Heaven is better"- share the good news, lost people matter to God.
  • By the fullness of the gospel the world is changed. 2 Tim 2:8-9 the Word of God cannot be chained
  • God has me in this exact place and this exact time to preach the Gospel
  • I am not alone
Don Richardson, Luke 24:44-48 Learning from our Past
  • verse 45- Jesus had to reshape their thinking, Lord do the same with me
  • verse 47- cross country missions
  • God is a God if missions, am I?
  • Gen 12-Abraham received the promise that God would bless all the people through him
  • Gen 22- God is under oath to bless those who the seed of Abraham blesses
  • Gen 26, 28:14- "like dust on the earth" spread the word of God around the world without limitation

Session 3 Pancho Juarez, Rev 2:12-17, Church of Pergamos/ the compromising church
  • teach healthy doctrine always
  • men who don't have a calling or aren't anointed by God "conduct" hopeless business in the name of Jesus but offer no cure/healing other wise known by Pancho as Bufoonery (I love that!!!)
  • the word of God undefiled is the only thing that changes lives
  • be not tolerant to distorted doctrine- confront!
  • disciple

Session 4 Skip Heitzig, Rev 2:18-29, Church of Thyatira/ the corrupted church

• located in a small city outside of the town- corruption has no bounds
• Jesus' evaluation is the only one that matters
• do I allow evaluation of me? of my ministry?
• strengths of this church- love and service
• no room for lazy preachers- do the work!
• weakness of this church- they tolerated ungodliness and the language of diplomacy
• use discernment and test every Spirit
• every church has the ability to change and grow
• do not forsake righteousness for relevance

Session 5 Pancho Juarez (he loves his kendall people, lol), Rev 3:1-6 Church of Sardis, the church without life

• they were running without the Holy Spirit
• they lived on reputation
• they may have a "religious degree" but have not been born again
• completion and perfection is found in Christ, the 7spirit and 7stars
• there is a possibility of going to a dead church and not being morally defiled and wear the garments of white (righteousness)
• Remember (we need to be reminded) where God took you from
• hold fast, hang on tight
• repent: stop, consider, make a decision to change, make a u-turn
• a loveless church is a Spiritless church
• Sardis were decent people and they had a reputation that they lived off of
• we need to have an honest awareness of our life- alive, dying or dead
• if you don't see change in the lives of the people, the church is probably dead
• know the times- wake up!
• don't make an appetite for the flesh
• it is time for those of us who are alive to mingle with those who are dying and bring them back to preach to those who are dead!!! Powerful!

Session 6 Mike Macintosh, Rev 3:7-13, Church of Philadelphia/ the faithful church

• humble church, loving God's word and people
• Jesus cautions them not to be discouraged
• we must be faithful to preach and God takes care of the rest
• 1 John 4:19-Father, John 13:34-Son, Romans 5:5-Spirit
• don't let people be a blur
• don't compare people to an inordinate object like a tree
• these people had little strength- Phil 1:6 He has not completed the cord-Ecc 4 a 3 fold cord : accountability- Gal 2:20 Christ lives in me- Phil 4:13 I can do all things through Him who strengthens me
• Do not give up God for a successful ministry
• hang on the hem of His garment

David Payne- An Evening with C.S.Lewis
This is a short preview of the awesome monologue. To watch the entire skit click here (if you want to skip straight to the monologue, begin at 24:55 into the service).

This skit really ministered to me.

Session 7 Skip Heitzig, Rev 3:14-22, Church of Laodiceans/ the lukewarm church
  • a good physician tell you the truth, Jesus who is the Amen is absolute truth
  • the actual city had a terrible if none on water supply. The surrounded cities had two different water supplies, from one end the water was hot (healing water) and from the other end cold (refreshing)
  • hot for healing, cold for refreshing but when lukewarm it does neither no healing and no refreshing
  • be zealous
  • a painted fire cannot warm anyone
  • enthusiasm for the Lord and the things of God should never be held back
  • Laodicea was compacent, proud in their ministry, they were the financial capitol of the area, apathetic and measuring by human standards rather than by God's
Session 8 Mike Macintosh, What the Spirit says: Freedom in the Spirit
  • Proverbs 10:12 Love covers a multitude of sin
  • take heed that no man deceive you
  • 2 Corinthians 13:3-5 examine myself
  • Love the bretheren and keep ministry simple
  • Don't put your fingerprints on anything, it's all God's print on His work

It was a special time of sitting at the feet of Jesus and hearing what He has to say to me. So many things hit me like the hot springs, healing  and restoring, other things refreshed but overall I was encouraged to continue to run my race with joy. Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord. 1 Corinthians 15:58

Great Quotes from the Conference:
May God work in you and through the your churches.- Chuck Smith

You will never get a complete picture of Christ until you get the churches together. Not one church has the full image. -Skip Heitzig

If God doesn't destroy America, He is going to have to apologize to Sodom and Gmorrah. -Ruth Bell Graham

Be known for what you stand for, not for what you are against. -Mark Balmer

We have a God that is on a move, if we follow Him becomes a movement if we don't we become monuments. -Pedro Garcia

Erroneous doctrine will have you shaving your head, wear a toga and hand out flowers in an airport while chanting. Erroneous doctrine will have you riding a bicycle for two years even though you hate bike riding. Erroneous doctrine will distort the Word of God. -Pancho Juarez


melissa said...

Raquel! I just started studying Revelation...and I'm almost scared to look at your notes because it feels like I'm cheating with the cliff notes! haha! What a BLESSING, BLESSING, BLESSING that you were able to be on the glorious mountaintop of God's word. I can't wait to refer to this as an overlay to my own study. Thank you for sharing this precious gift...I love it!!!

Raquel said...

Melissa, if you email me I can get you some awesome resources to help you as you study the book of Revelations.

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