Saturday, December 5, 2009

La Bella Vita

From my journal. November 3, 2006...

Oh give thanks to the Lord of lords! For his mercy endures forever: to Him who alone does great wonders, for His mercy endures forever! Psalm 136:3-4

During Lunch today I went to a nearby park, Peacock Park at the Grove and sat there watching the water. The weather has been amazing and today was just spectacular. Something about cloudy days just does it for me. The sun was nowhere to be seen! The wind so gently danced and wrapped me in its arms. For sure God was there!

Yesterday I went to Nana's job, UCP. Though I was there for just a short time I saw God's workmanship in those kids. Especially in Jerald. In his eyes and in his smile you sense the love of God. Some people look down on them for having special needs, some complain to God and others consider them to be "God's little mistakes" but I praise God for blessing this world with such angels. They are beauty and light, they are music, they are roses among thorns.

Lately God has been blessing me with moments like these. Those God moments that without a doubt you know He is mighty and real. Great in all His ways yet so intimate and personal to know the little things that you enjoy in life and bless you with them. You gotta love a God that would create such beauty with such perfection. Its in the geniune smile, in the hug of a friend, the warmth of the sun to stillness of rain... His signiture is found on everything around you. He is in the little things- like encouragement that someone throws your way without even knowing what you are going through or even a phone call from someone you weren't expecting, yep, thats God.


Look around you and praise God for all he has done for you.

God bless you


Nana said...

You need to meet the new lil' Jerald...I call him babyface, he is so adorable!!!

Bianca said...

You're such a gem! Great job posting your blogs :) I'm SO blessed to have connected with you. LA has mad love for Miami!

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