Monday, March 31, 2014

Yankees themed baby shower

Happy Monday!
This past Saturday we celebrated my sister and my soon to be born nephew. Though my sister selected the date and location, the them was a surprise to her. We grew up with a Yankee loving Grandfather, who passed down the love of baseball and all things Yankees to his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. The theme was appropriate and a very emotional one to plan. In every detail I had not only my sister in mind, but my Grandfather as well. Is it possible to say that I blew myself away when all was done and set?! With God's creativity and the help of  friends, this baby shower was more than I had imagined it to be. Can I be cheesy and say it was totally a God thing? Oh, I just did! God's presence showered us, and He was celebrated, praised, and honored. For this child we have prayed and our awesome God has heard and blessed us.

the moment she realized the theme was Vintage Yankees! 

Stadium Snack Bar : Vintage Coca Cola bottles, Pretzels, Sunflower Seeds, and Peanuts 
Stadium Snack Bar: Cracker Jacks, Triple Play Brownies, Dug Out Chow, and lots of chocolate bars 
Vintage Yankees Plaque from Kirklands (glare from the light, navy blue in person)

Onsie Garland
You can purchase here from Storenvy

These two onsies are gifts from our cousin. Martinez is the baby's last name and 14 his year of birth 

baseball lanterns throughout, Party City 
table decor: Thanks to The Mungers for their baseballs and gloves, Ikea frames

table decor: Thanks to The Dominguez family for their gloves, and The Pelnavar's for their "old dirty balls"

table decor: Ikea laterns  

every guest received a vintage Coke & baseball cake pop

Over the gifts table hung this gorgeous frame purchased at  Amazon

We asked guest to help build the baby's library, this 1955 book stood outside the "library box"

We ordered unused, in mint condition, original Yankees Stadium tickets from 1982 and 1984, the years of birth of my sister and brother in law, and these are their baby pictures. Ebay for the tickets.

Card Box, with a famous quote from our favorite movie to watch as sister, A League of Their Own (watch this scene from the movie here). And Don Mattingly her favorite Yankees player. 

In her own words:
Yesterday my sister threw me the most perfectly themed baby shower. The flood of memories from my Yankees-loving past mixed with the gratitude I feel for those in my present and the jitters I feel for him that is to come. It was overwhelming (in a good way), so I cried for about 3 hours! Thank you to all who participated, especially to Raquel and all her fellow worker bees. Edgar, Elias, and I love you very much. 

Special thanks to:
Liz Funez Photography for capturing these lovely shots. She is the best Miami based child photographer.
Little Cakes Big Taste for the delicious and adorable baseball cake pops.
Town Kitchen & Bar for the perfect location, fantastic service, and best food in South Miami.
Bowersink for the table cards of the Yankees players. They brought to life the vintage feel.
FlutterBugFrenzy for the great photo props. Phenomenal work and great attention to detail.

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