Monday, March 4, 2013


Happy Monday!
This morning I read from a little book called: Moments of Peace from the Psalms. It is one of my favorite devotionals to pick up. I read from Psalm 74 and knew that I had to share today's read.

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The Establishment of Boundaries

You set all the limits on the earth. Psalm 74:17 NCV

Fire is a wonderful thingespecially when cooking food or keeping warm. Unfortunately, if a fire gets out of control in your home or a forest, it can be devastating. The flames quickly consume everything in their unhindered path. 

To avoid disaster, one must only build fires within the confines of a suitable fireplace or pit, where they can be easily managed. 

Likewise, boundaries keep the resources and relationships of your life from becoming damaging. That's why God gives you His commands He knows that too much of a good thing can be harmful, and He wants you to flourish rather than self-destruct. 

So don't be afraid of His laws—they'll always keep you safe. 

God, thank you that your boundaries are not meant to limit me but protect me. Help me to always abide by your life-giving commans. Amen. 

You have been our King from the beginning, 
O God; You have saved us many times. 
Psalm 74:12 


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