Friday, December 21, 2012

Lyrical Friday - The River

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Happy Friday! The day has finally arrived. I am all packed and ready for Haiti. Our team flies out midday. Please keep us in prayer. A few prayer points: that all our luggage arrive safely / team unity / safety from illness / a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit / safe and smooth arrival and departure with plane ride, customs and transportation / also, no stomach situations. THANKS!!!

Since I won't be blogging, probably till to the new year, I wanted to leave you with one last lyrical post. Today's song by Meredith Andrews is for anyone. Because everyone is in need of saving. God not only provides our very need but He invites us to it. What'a Gentleman! Why not respond to a God that is so loving? Yes, He loves you and accepts you just as you are. Won't you come? I invite you too! Come!

The River, Meredith Andrews 

Everyone is broken
And in need of a Saviour
So He came and was broken
For the mocker, for the shamed

Still our eyes are blinded
By the culture, by the lies
We can't see that we're filthy
We're fallen and so dry

But He invites us
Can you hear Him say?
He invites us
Hear Him call your name

Welcome to the river
Come drink, come wade
Come find your very life
Welcome to the river of God
Where your brokenness
Is washed away

Everywhere is the sorrow
And the pain of empty living
You can see it; look in their eyes
All the hopelessness of the world

But look closer, He is right there
In the midst of every fear
Living water is the offer
Restoration is the call

Find your healing
Find your freedom
In the river of God
Your healing here
Your freedom there
In the river of God

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