Wednesday, September 5, 2012

thanking God for YOU!

Being a youth leader to senior students has to been one of the most difficult tasks. I grow attached to my girls, build a bond and then they leave. Some go away for college while others stay home, but all drift into new seasons... away from "Momma Hen" aka Me. At the end of each school year, I enter the mourning zone. They go from being my "little girls" to now independent young women. In a sense, I am losing my children. I cry, yes, in secret. And I pray hard for them, as a parent whose child is grown up and has moved on. In an ideal word, I would protect them, instruct them always and be right next them to comfort them. But, that is God's role not mine. It's hard.
I cherish the few that have chosen to keep me close.
I treasure these friendships and the bond, that with time, has grown stronger.
she likes her toast! 

And so, I dedicate this post to Aimee. She has been attending Berklee College of Music in Boston for the past two and a half years. Through ups, downs, distance and time, I have learned to trust God with her life. And He has never failed her, therefore, He has never failed me or her parents. We have made it a tradition to have breakfast together before she heads back to Boston for a new semester. These breakfast dates are so sweet. Would you join me in praying for her next semester? If you have a journal or a sheet of paper, write her name down, Aimee, and whenever you see it, pray for her. Thank you so much!!!
playing for me a song she wrote. amazing song!
Hey Aimee, I thank God for YOU!
I thank God that I can show up in public looking like a bum, accidentaly wearing mistmatched earrings, acting like a crazy woman and you still love me and long to share time with me... even play for me a few of your songs. I love you!

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courtney said...

oh how i can relate to this. i just sent off my senior girls and it is so bittersweet...sad because you cant build into their lives at the same level you could when they were around, but also sweet because they can go out and grow the Kingdom. i loved this post!

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