Friday, September 2, 2011

Lyrical Friday - Broken for Love's Sake

Hey Friends!
I happened to find this song while searching for the song I originally thought to use. However, God lead me to this one. As I read these lyrics my heart sunk at the reality that I am nothing like my Jesus. He was broken for love's sake, I am not. I am too selfish at times to allow God to break me and mold me back into His image. I am too distracted with the affairs of this world to be broken for love's sake. God requires a wholly surrender from us. When we come to a place of full surrender He becomes our all in all, supplier of every need, provider, savior and friend.

I pray that the lyrics of this song would be more than just words with music. May your heart be quieted and stilled as you meditate on these lyrics. May you be broken and mended by God's loving hands. May He bless you abundantly as you surrender to His love, His wonders and purposes. God bless you and happy Friday!

Broken for Love's Sake, Tricia Brock

You've come to seek and to save
Those who lost their way
So seek me or I won't be found
You've come to keep and sustain
Those whom You have made
So keep me, oh keep me now

When it gets hard, You go before me as a shield
When its too late, You come behind me and You heal
Should my heart break when loves the only way
So be it Lord, may I be broken for love's sake

I will trust and obey more and more each day
As You take Your place in me
And should I ever fail or stumble in the way
You will help me to my feet

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Anonymous said...

That was some good stuff. I sure need more "breaking". Thank you for what you wrote & for sharing that beautiful song. May The Lord keep using you to glorify His name.
Priscilla James

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