Saturday, April 2, 2011

little princess

Yesterday was a wonderful day. My dear Mother, her best friend, my Aunt, her daughter (my cousin) and I went shopping together. Not only did I see beautiful jewelry, but I got to take a few pieces home. Yet the most valuable and treasured keepsake I have of this day is not a tangible jewel but a picture and a lesson.

My little cousin is 7 years old and is fitting of the title, "Little Princess". She is vibrant, smart, funny and like all little girls a lover of all things shiny, sparkling and pink! Every shop that we went to there was something that she liked. Whether it was pretty or tacky in our eyes, it was beautiful to her. She tried on countless bracelets and if given the opportunity she would have tried on every piece of jewelry in that entire Mart.

My Mother's best Friend has a heart of gold. She is a generous giver of her love, her friendship, her time, her talents and yes, her money too. And every shop we went to she wanted to buy a gift for someone, my little cousin being one of them. Indeed, she did buy her little girl sets and some adult jewelry for her to play dress up with. My little cousin learned rather quickly that if she wanted something all she had to do was make sure that our dear friend knew it. LOL I told you she is smart!

This morning the screen on my phone lit up and there was this picture of my little cousin and I. A huge smile came upon me as the Lord spoke to me, "You are my Little Princess. Talk to me, what is it that you want?"

So often, We get caught up in the distractions and affairs of this life that we forget that we are God's Little Princess' and He wants nothing more than to spoil us with His love, His goodness, His grace and His blessings. He has His best for you, for me!

You are God's Little Princess. Take Delight in YOUR God, YOUR King, YOUR Daddy! What matters to you, matters to God... so talk to Him. Tell Him what you lack. Tell Him what you want. Don't be afraid to ask for BIG things. God is greater than our dreams.God is greater than our disabilities and our infirmities; greater than failures and shortcomings. God is greater than our debt. God is greater than our insecurities. God is greater than our faithlessness. God is greater than that which we fear. God is greater than death. He is greater than the box we put Him in, He is limitless. And don't you ever forget that every good and perfect gift comes from our wonderful Father, so thank Him.

Childlike faith is what Jesus requires of us.
Like my little 7 year old cousin, let's look to God, the one whom is the giver of all good things, and humbly share with Him our dreams, our desires, our hopes, our petitions and thanksgiving.

Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Luke 12:32


Unknown said...

Aww, this is such a great post, I loved how you related the things in your life with our spiritual life. I heart when people do that, and I find myself doing that, too. As you said, just ask your Daddy what you need and what you want. And if it's His will, He will give it to you. I recently rediscovered that, it's a long story, but I'll be posting about it these days on my blog when I get some free time.
Have a great weekend! :)

Rachel Allen said...

This is so beautiful - it's amazing how the little things in life, the fleeting moments, can leave such a huge footprint on our spirit... thank you for sharing this. We truly are valued and highly favored by our Creator, we are his treasure :) Rachel

Kelsey said...

What a beautiful post! You are such an inspiration. Thank you!

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