Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm back

Hi Friends.
November was a wonderful month!!! I have to give God all the glory for all the amazing post. I absolutely loved sharing my fiends and family with you. I had a blast last month. It was refreshing to be the reader.

I guess I hadn't noticed how much a part of my life this blog, you my new friends are to me. I have missed you.

Everytime God revealed Himself- I wanted to share it with you.
When I read an awesome verse- I wanted to share with you.
Moments of correction- I wanted to share with you.
What I learned from the guest posts- I wanted to share with you!
I so wanted to share so much with you- but I remained still.

The Lord definitely stripped me of all glory, praise and well, he stripped me of me. I'm glad I stayed away from posting because it is not about me, it's about the Lord. I would have robbed you from all the glorious gifts the Lord had in store for you. I praise Him for his faithfulness throughout November. And I thank you for joining the celebration.

All this to say: I'm so happy to be back!!! Tomorrow Lyrical Friday will resume. Stay tuned throughout the month for Flames from James, To All // From Paul, and many more blog post.

God bless YOU!

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