Monday, October 25, 2010

heal journey, group two

This weekend was a bittersweet one. An AMAZING group of girls finished the HEAL Journey. This is the second group that I host and lead... and definitely not my last! It's incredible how unique each group has been. This group responded completely different than the first, but none the less, each group walked away fully clothed in the splendor and glory of God.

As for me, the Heal Journey was, is and continues to be a faithful companion that leads me to the one who created me so wonderfully. This year would have been a disaster had the Lord not crossed my path with the girls at Wonderfully Made . My first time doing the study, I for the the first time understood and accepted God's grace for me. I am more in love with my Savior since rediscovering the wonders of His grace. This time around, He revealed to me how deeply rooted fear is in my heart. I am amazed at how faithful God is in my weakness. He doesn't despise me, nor does He leave me to fend for myself- He delivers my soul from death and crowns me with love and tender mercies (Psalm 103:4). I'll write more about this Psalm 139:23-24 revelation at another post.

Here is a shameless plug: This study is more than just a self-help/self-discovery/recovery book; this study is Jesus holding you by the hand and saying to you, "My beloved, let's sit under the shade of this tree and allow me to reveal to you your value and worth in me, through my word." If your desire is to draw near to God than I encourage you to order yourself a copy... buy one for you and a friend and do the study together! Or start a Heal group yourself. Get the creative juices going. For a copy click HERE .

This will be the last small group I lead this year. But come January, myself and another youth leader will be sharing the HEAL Journey with more wonderfully made girls. That's two small groups in our church. The Lord has given me vision for more. Be in prayer for this. I leave you today with a quote from Lesson 6. Ciao for now friends. 
"As we lose ourselves in Christ and take delight in his love, his living water overtakes our souls. We slowly lose our thirst for things the world claims to offer, and we begin to thirst for a deeper relationship with Him."

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