Monday, July 5, 2010



One of my favorite activities with the Lord is journaling. I was cleaning out a drawer this weekend and came across one of my 2006 journals. In reading through it, I was encouraged with the scriptures that I jotted and the notes that I took in various teachings at Church. But what encouraged me the most, and always does, is the prayers that make up the journal. They keep me accountable and serve as a reminder of God's mercy, grace and truth in my life. It's awesome to read how God has answered prayers in my life. Even more so, to read the many dumb Raquel-ideas that He has spared me from. I love reading old entries and realizing that yes, I have grown in the Lord.

If you don't journal or aren't disciplined in journaling, I highly recommend that start. It's not about writing a book or filling a page, it's about you and God. Jot down scriptures that speak to you and mark the date. Write love letters to God... your prayers are a sweet smelling aroma unto the Lord. Get creative with it. Make it your story book with God.

Here I are some prayers from three journal entries and I post them not to brag but because today, four years later these words still echo in my heart as prayers for my life and now I add you to them:
Father deliver me from ever becoming comfortable. Keep me moving onward to the place you have prepared for me, keep me on the path you have cleared for me. Equip me for any situation that may shake the ground beneath me. And fill my heart with love and meekness towards other. 7/12/2006
It always amazes me to see what awesome and great power You have. Lord I am nothing yet You allow me to play a small part in Your holy and mighty works. You are so good to me. What a mighty God I serve. 7/17/2006
Lord thank You for Your Word which always reminds me to worship Your holy name. Father may Your praise be continually on my lips and in my heart. Instruct me how you desire to be praised and teach me how to prepare my heart for worship. 7/19/2006

Beautiful words stir my heart.
I will recite a lovely poem about the king,
for my tongue is like the pen of a skillful poet.
Psalm 45:1

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Antoinette said...

I too love journaling. I'm on journal 23. My journey with God started in 1993 and its all recorded in there. I wish I could motivate more people to journal. Glad you wrote about it.

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