Sunday, November 29, 2009

He Sings Over Me

From my journal...

Oh your wondrous Love
Your life layed down on Calvary.
Everlasting Love
Washed away
My stain, my sin.
Unfailing Love,
Pure, true and unchainging.
Everlasting Love
It is thy voice
That sings over me.

Oh how I hunger,
How I thirst
To hold Your hand
on Glory's throne.
Precious Lord
Dear Majesty
Draw me in, draw me close
Draw me with
Your tender words.
Cause me to be blind
To this world
So that Your ways, Your will, Your face
Is all that I may know.

At last, I know your love
I feel your grace,
Oh the warmth of your embrace.
I've been set free, sweet liberty.
Sanctified to be like Thee
Oh sweet Jesus
Reign over me.
Everlasting Lord,
My heart is captivated.
I am hidden in your arms, in your words
As You sing over me.

Photos by:Kristybee

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